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Functional Location change edit mask

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We currently have a functional location structure that has 4 levels:


1 2 3 4

The plant is in an evaluation stage to redo their functional location structure, there is a demand to create an additional level , so now a total of 5

They propose:


1 2 3 4 5

(_Please note the current 4 level structure is only being populated at the 3 level so we do not have any functional location created at the 4 level.)_

Is this the correct process:

So if I go to t-code OIPK and change the structure to the new propose structure, will I get any issue.

Will I have to activate alternative labeling as well to let me change the structure.

Please advise.


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Answers (3)

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I agree that it is not normal practice to change the structure after but provided you have not used the last level of the structure then yes you can change this. The system will tell you that the structure is already in use but will allow the change.

You need to try this out in your development box and check that there is no other conflicts with the change.


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If I remember correctly after the Functional location edit mask is created is not possible to change it; you can add additional levels (to the right) but you canu2019t change the existing levels.

Per your email, you have 25 characters in use, you can add u2013XXXX

Alternative leveling may have performance issues on your system depends how many you have and how many levels on your hierarchy



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As per your information, no of character of fourth level functional location is 8 where as as per revised structure its changing. Ithink you will not have any issue if you have not at all created any FLs at 4th level as its possible to extend the levels of the structure.

I think If you require to exceed 30 characters then you need to activate alternate leveling