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Function module which can read additonal customer data like linked documents

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Hi expertes,

I need to read the linked documents from the customers. I tried it several times with the function modules

'BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL1' and 'BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETDETAIL2' but it seems that they can't provide this kind of information.

My Question: Is there any FM which could be useful for my requirement or do I need to build something manually?

For the manually case: I think that I can find the information in the table KNA1 but at this time I not sure which field of KNA1 holds the liked document data?

Any kind of hint can be helpful.


data-to-read.jpg liked-documents.jpg

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Active Contributor

Given a business object key, call BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETOBJECTDOCS to retrieve the IDs of documents linked (it reads the table DRAD). Parameter OBJECTTYPE = 'KNA1' for customers.

From one of those IDs, you may call other BAPI_DOCUMENT_* function modules to retrieve more details.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

Active Contributor

Did you find/check the BAPI_DOCUMENT_* FMs?

(e.g. use of BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST2 with selection in table parameter OBJLINKSELECTION values 'KNA1' kunnr)