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Function module for error: ME045 G/L Account XXXX cannot be used

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Dear SAP Colleagues,

I was trying to do a pre-validation of G\L account while creating a MM document like PR or PO.

Normally this error happens when the cost object such as cost center or WBS or Asset and the G/L account were not mached as per the Field Status Group under FS00 data.

Can I know any standard function module available to carryout this validation?

Or can I know in which table this FS00 data would be stored?

This would be more helpful for me to build the custom logic as per the requirement.

Thanks in Advance.


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    Kindly go to Transaction code SE38 & run program RM07CUFA. There you check where the field status is different in FI & MM



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Hi Loknath,

The message ME045 is raised whenever there is an inconsistency between

the G/L account field selection setup in table T004F and the account

assignment field selection setup in table T162K. This is explained in

the long text of the error message.

Please re-check the following information in your system:

Adjust the field status definition of table T162K to the field selection

in Financial Accounting ( Table T004F ). Please proceed as follows:

1. Determine the item of the field in question in the field selection

* You obtain this information from table TMODU , in the "MODIF"

column in Transaction SE16.

2. Edit table T162K using Transaction SM31 and change the position of

the field status definition in question. An optional entry "." might

be a good starting point in many cases.

This problem may also be the cause by the creation of your own account

assignment category.

If you have created your own account assignment category , try deleting

it and then recreate it as a copy of an existing one. Then retest

your issue. Please advise me of your results.

I hope this information has been helpful in solving your issue.