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FTXP condition TYPE

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Hello experts,

I m using a prorata tax calculation for my country (BE).

I ve to add new condition types in the calculation procedure for my client's requirement.

I can add my condition type etc in my calculation procedure. The result in posting are ok.

In transaction FTXP :

  • If I create a new code and I don't put a rate in those new lines (new conditions types), the system doesn't take them into account (which is normal) , it's OK (normal behavior)
  • If I added my rates for those new lines (new conditions types) when saving, the rates of those new lines don't appear anymore when came back in the transaction, even if they are "active" somewhere as my posting is ok (I mean it takes into account those added lines). => that's my problem. First because it is not readable, second because it could be not stable data.

For me, when I add a rate in my new conditions types lines of FTXP, I should see them activated, shouldn't I?

I already tried to unflag one "standard" condition to enter my rates as seen in another post, but still not displayed when saving...

1.Am I missing something?

2.How can I control my condition types are well active ?

Thanks in avance for your help


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I think your tax procedure is condition based. So maintain the tax rates with tax code & validity in FV11 not in FTXP.