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FSG vs posting Key

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Hi experts

The Field status group populated in the G/L master helps during the posting of transactions for deciding the status of the field i.e suppressed,required and optional.

And the posting key also does the same functio.

Then my question is why is why SAP has provided both the tools.

Answer will be rewarded with points.

Thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (4)

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You are right, both provide similar features.

Field Status variant can be assigned to company code, since they are independant.Also, not all transactions can be manually created, it controlS while posting busineSS TranSactionS (documentS) and it controlS at Company code level

posting keys it control the FSG at Client Level

EX: U can change 40 Pstky field any one required then apply all company codeS

formula : S D R O

SupreSS DiSplay(only cust/vend) Required Optinal

u can change which ever is earliler

check it once

if in FSG text field : Required

and PStky40 text field : surpreSS

result -

its working which ever i€s earlier (surepresS)

ThankS u can check it and reply itS working or nor plzzz

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Hi Suresh

My question is posting key is having another two control measure like

type of account it is posted

Whether it is dr/Cr

And any automatic posting definitely involves a G/L and for all G/L we are providing the FSG.So field status requirement is filled by G/L.What is the specific use of posting key.And without posting key no automatic transaction can be posted because of the other two control.



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This is used to define which fields are displayed when you post accounting transactions to a G/L account. A field may have one of the following statuses:

hidden (suppressed)

Entry required (required field)

Ready for input (optional field)

Display Field

The field status is defined outside the master record. The field status of each field is defined under a field status group, which is then assigned to a GL Master record. Field status groups are independent of the company code and are grouped under field status variant.

Two-character numerical key that controls the entry of line items. The posting key determines:

Account type

Debit/credit posting

Layout of entry screens

When you enter a posting, enter a posting key for each item. This key determines how the item is posted. Posting keys are defined at client level and therefore apply to all company codes. The posting key determines:

The data you can enter in the line item

How data you post is processed

How the system updates the data you enter

The document type specifies which account types you can post to. The posting key specifies which account types you can post to. A posting key can only be entered for an account type which is permitted for that document type

Thus field status is used for the entry at the field level whereas the posting key determines as to how SAP treats the entry at the line item level.

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Sanil Bhandari

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You are right, both provide similar features.

Field Status variant can be assigned to company code, since they are independant.

Also, not all transactions can be manually created, to choose posting keys.

For example you cannot enter FSG in a customer and vendor master record, but they can be controlled through recon accounts, where a proper FSG is assigned.

So it works okay for GL accounts , manual postings but not for automatic postings and logistic transactions.

Also, similar complexities could arise from other auto transactions in other modules.


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