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Freight on credit memo for returns PO

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We are trying to achieve the below solution for a returns PO, created 2 condition types, assigned to the pricing procedure to achieve the GR posting. When we use MRRL to create a credit memo for both the material and the freight. the system creates a credit memo for the material and an invoice for the freight. Can someone tell me, what drives the credit memo generation for both freight and material




Dr Freight clrg

Cr Freight

Credit Memo/ERS settlement/ MRRL

Dr Vendor


Cr Freight Clrg

We were able to create the GR side of the entry, using two other condition types on the PO.

Now when we do ERS settlement,

the system creates a credit memo for the INV line item and an invoice for the freight line item.

Both the freight and the material is charged to the PO vendor, we dont charge separate to the freight vendor at this point.

Any help will be appreciated.


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In MRRL, you can use the Check box Settle Goods Item + Planned delivery costs to settle the Freight cost, provided if you are working with Version E.C.C 6.0

You can able to settle both Freight & Material cost to the same vendor.

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Thx for the reply!!

We did that before as well, Even as we select it, it creates 2 documents

1. credit memo for the inventory to the vendor

2. invoice for the freight to the same vendor

I guess i am missing some config piece that makes the freight on the PO to be also a credit memo while doing the MRRL

i am using 2 condition types FRA1 and a ZFR1 (mimicking FRA1 with a negative sign)

i have assigned 2 diff (ActKey/Accrual Key) combination to each one of them

FRE/FR1 and FRE/ZR1(Mimicking FR1) respectively.

I am not sure which config drives the freight as a credit memo on the MRRL side.