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Freight GR/IR Clearing

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The GR/IR for freight which is for staggered deliveries is posted thru T code MIRO  against multiple GRNs but the invoice is for the entire liability amount. (ie: agst multiple line items of freight liability a single claim for Transportation cost is received which is accounted thru LIV. (say for example 3 line items of Rs 15 each got generated on 3 different dates & the consolidated claim for the three liabilities was received on the 5th day .The same was cleared under MIRO.
The system stores the 3 line liability items as GRIR (credits) with each line item of Rs 15 (total Rs 45 as credit) & fourth line item (single record) with Rs 45 as GRIR (debit). The clearing does not happen till the PO is completed/closed
With the above feature & wherein we have long term Po's (for a period of six / nine months or even for a year period & especially since the data is voluminous things become altogether more challenging.

Is there any way where by the clearing can be carried out with the PO being open.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Chetan,  you may find the below note helpful.

Note 308008 - FAQ: Posting logic: GR/IR clearing account



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Please, check requisites in SAP Note 10757 - FAQ: MR11, clear GR/IR clearing account.

After, check if you have any kind of summarization related with MM. Check notes

SAP Note 77161 - Summarization of FI postings purchase orders

SAP Note 36353 - AC interface: Summarizing FI documents

SAP Note 545137 - FAQ Interface - summarization

I hope this helps you



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Hi Chetan,

It is a practica scenario.

I do not see any different process for Open PO GR/IR clearing.

Normaly when we perform MIRO. The GR/IR line items is to be selected against miro and line items wil be no more open line item in GL.

You can share the screen shots if it is in different way



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Hi Chetan,

Why it is GRIR Clearing account ,if you are posting freight.Please note If Freight amount in PO ,it would be inventoried while doing the Goods received & credited to freight GL account & while posting the no.of MIRO against same PO,it would be generate mentioned entry will pass ,if your posting planned cost is

Freight clearing account .......Dr

  To Vendor .................Cr

You should be clear above entry first line item and GRN entry credit line item. Correct. If it so use F.13 where you have to select GRIR account special purpose check box.