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Freight Condition on an Asset PO

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Hello there.

We are using a freight condition type for stock PO s. At the time of goods receipt / invoice verification, the value of the freight condition type is posted to the stock account - this is correct.

In transaction MIRO, we use the display variant "Goods/Service Items + Planned Delivery Costs" to ensure that the freight condition value is presented for invoice verification.

We would like to do the same for asset purchases so that the value of the freight is posted to the asset on a PO. When I create a PO for an asset (using account assignment category A), the goods receipt is non valuated. Therefore there is no accounting document at the time of goods receipt. This is as I expect.

However, if I include a freight condition on an Asset PO, I would expect that the value of the condition would post at the time of invoice verification (MIRO).

When I go to MIRO, the freight condition is not presented.

I have checked on various forums as well as checking account assignment category, movement types, account determination etc.

Does anyone know how this can be set up or has anyone else had this requirement?



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You are viewing the SAP standard behavior while doing the Invoice Verification against ANY PO for which GR is non-Valuated and which includes freight condtion value,

You will be able to manually enter the freight amount during the MIRO and post the invoice...

If still you require no manual intervention during MIRO, then the option will be to remove the GR Non Valuated tick on the Asset PO and do the Goods Receipt, which will post an accounting document at the Goods receipt, and when the Invoice verification is done, both the Goods item and Planned delivery cost will be defaulted with values.

Trust this clarifies your query