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Free Goods

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Hi all

I have a unique requirement for free goods.

Currently we are using inclusive free goods i.e. buy 3 get 1 free with a minimum quantity to be bought is 3.

Thus if the customer orders 6 he gets billed only for 4 (i.e. 2 are free)

But the business now wants to give only 1 free if the minimum order quantity is 3 or more.

So if the customer buys 3 free he gets billed for 2 (i.e. 1 is free). Also if he buys any quantity more than 3, he gets only 1 free. e.g. he buys 6, he gets billed for 5.

Is there a way to do it without developing a custom calculation routine for free goods ?

Thanks in advance


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u can do one thing goto vbn1 T.code u should specify in "CALCULATION FORMULA IS 2-UNIT REFERENCE "

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Hey munna,

Thanks for your reply,

My requirement is that there should be only 1 item given free after the minimum 3 order quantity requirement is met.

In standard processing, the free goods multiply if the order quantity is a multiple of the "From Free goods quantity". This means that if currently when i setup for 3 ordered goods, 1 is free , then when 6 are ordered 2 are given free.

Dont worry about the inclusive or exclusive right now.

I think this would be possible only by scales and for every scale , we put 1 as the free good.

But that would be good temp solution without any development.

Let me know if you know anything else that would be help.



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ur requirement is some confusion

if customer buys 3 shirts get 1 shirt free then

customer buys 6 shirts get 2 shirts free na ok.

in inclusive method freegoods should be given into the inclusively in sales order

for example u r raising sales order 3 shirts

2 shirts are pricing and 1 shirt are free.

plz give me u r problem clearly. Present i am working in freegoods only..

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Hi Vinit,

As you are using inclusive free good detremination, then try using the condition record with the same requirements where the free quantity will be displayed in the separate line item in the order. Try doing this.

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hi rishi

The business wants to use inclusive free goods (3 - without item generation) as the item is a MTO item and hence it should go on the same production order. Hence they do not want to a separate line item.

Does anyone know if it is possible to give only 1 item free if 3 or more of the item is ordered.

Also the free goods should always be 1 for any order quantity above 3. Currently standard sap is giving 2 free for 6 order quantity and soon, which the business doesnot want.

Let me know if someone knows abt it



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I believe u can solve the problem through maintaining the scale. Please try it.