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free goods

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hi all

i want to create the condition record for free goods with the combination PLANT & MATERIAL.

when i am trying to maintain it is not calculating free goods

based on the above combination, i could see the following message in analysis of the sales order CONDITION IGNORED (REQUIREMENT 055 NOT FULFILED).

my question is when plant was given in the field catelog why cant i use it along with material to maintain condition record for free goods?



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Answers (3)

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Hi there,

As the error mentions there is a requirement 005 which is looking for fullfilment of a particular creteria.

Pls have the ABAPer translate the code what it means if you are not well versed with reading ABAP code.

Only when the requirement 005 is met, it will apply the free goods to the order. There may be some customized code written.



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the requirement is maintained in the pricing procedure or in the access sequence for your free good condition.

This is a standard requirement, the coding is as follow:

Pricing for free goods (100%-discount)

form kobed_055.

sy-subrc = 4.

if komp-kposn ne 0.

check: komp-prsfd eq 'B'.


sy-subrc = 0.



form kobev_055.

sy-subrc = 0.


Here is a check for the field komp-prsfd (carry out pricing).

Please check in debugging in the formula, how is the value of komp-prsfd.

in your case the requirement is not fullfilled.

The field komp-prsfd will be filled from the item category. Please have a look in the item category:

Customizing (SPRO)

Sales and Distribution


Sales Document

Sales Document Item

Define Item Categories

Her you can maintain the field 'pricing' with the following value:

Prcg. Short text

No pricing

X Pricing standard

A Pricing for empties

B Pricing for free goods (100% discount)

I hope that the information are helpful.



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Dear Rag

I have a feeling that in V/07, for that condition type, you have maintained Table 055 which is the combination of Sales Org / Order / Plant / Material.

So in VK11, you have to maintain only for this combination. On the other hand, in V/07 for your condition type, maintain Table 406


G. Lakshmipathi