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Free Goods to be issues if Sales value exceed target Value

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User wanted us to configure the sales order such that when the total sales order vlaue exceed a certain amount, the system will automatic include a certain free items to the order as FOC item.

How do I go about configuring it?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Colin,

1: With standard SAP your requirement will not be fulfilled.

2: To do this you need some ABAP development.

Ask your ABAPER to write a code in user exit MV45AFZZ

where check the Value of the Sales order. If the Sales order value exceeds a specific value then add the FOC items in the Sales order where the item category should be TANN (or equivalent).

You might need a custom Z-table where you can store what Materials are to be added as FOC items in sales order & at what value.


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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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use the exit MV45AFZZ and also a routine in [VOFM] and assign it in the pricing against the price condition type as requirement.

We did the same as it compares the net value of the sales order with that certain amount and triggers the required condition type like free goods.



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I dont think it is possible with config.

We can config where 10 + 1 free goods or 9+1 for same material or with combination, but wih value i dont think.

You can do one thing, user need to enter manually material as free good with changing item catgeroy to TANN after reaching your target value.