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Free goods price discount when free goods are not required by customer

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In a promotional activity for purchase of 10 items 2 free goods (which are different) have been determined, which is exclusive.

The customer wishes not to take the free goods and asks for a discount equivalent to the value of free goods, please advise on steps to be undertaken in this scenario.

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The disounts can be in CASH(K004,K007etc.,) or in KIND(Free goods, bonus buy etc.,).

You cannot offer KIND if the customer donot want discount in cash and similarly you cannot offer Cash inplace of the discount in Cash.

It is a privilege offered to the customer during certain periods in the form of discounts in cash or kind. If he wishes to avail it he can, otherwise no. Imageine the realtime business scenario (not a prorietor run business) and can understand the reason.



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Why dont u use "Pricing For Inclusive Free Goods Without Item Generation"

To do this, you can use the standard condition type NRAB. It is set up as follows:

It does not determine the discount from the condition record. It uses condition basis formula 029 in the pricing procedure to determine a discount from the free goods factor.

The condition receives the new pricing requirement 059 in the pricing procedure. This requirement checks whether free goods have already been determined.

The condition type receives condition category f. This condition category ensures that the condition is redetermined every time the quantity is changed, since this can also mean a change to the free goods quantity.

Hope this helps & Rewrad if does


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Dear Chandra,

You can change this promotional activity as inclusive. Then you will be giving 10 quantity but the price will be calculated for only 8.

I hope this will solve your issue.

Reward if it works


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Hi Sridhar

Thanks for the reply, I cannot include different goods in an inclusive free goods process. Please see my question again

10 pens

2 pencils (free goods)

The customer wishes not to take the free goods (different goods) in an exclusive free goods process and wants the value of the free goods to be discounted from the total price (price of the pencils to be deducted from the total price). I hope I have made my query clear.