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Free goods determination with Free of charge delivery

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After maintaining the Free goods Determination Record for a material using VBN1, when I create the order with order type OR, the free goods gets determined, where as when I create the order with order type FD, the free goods does not get determined. Can somebody let me know the reason for this happening and the solution please

Thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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Free good Determination is for those Sales Documents which has SD Category as C., where as for FD, the SD Document category is I.


Vamsi Javaji

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Dear Anoop

The same qn was posted yesterday and a clear reply was given to you

Free goods will work only for sales order types with document category C

Your order type FD is with document category I in SAP standard

So it will not work for order type FD

You can change the document category to C from I and try

Changing the document categories will put in to loft of difficulties in subsequent processes

There are some constraints with free goods in R3 these are SAP library statements

Free goods can only be supported on a 1:1 ratio. This means that an order item can lead to a free goods item. Agreements in the following form are not supported: u2018With material 1, material 2 and material 3 are free of chargeu2018 or u2018If material 1 and material 2 are ordered at the same time, then material 3 is free of chargeu2018.

Free goods are not supported in combinations with material structures (for example, product selection, BOM, variants with BOM explosion)


Free goods are only supported for sales orders with document category C (for example, not quotations).

Free goods are not supported for deliveries without reference to a sales order.

Free goods cannot be used in make-to-order production, third-party order processing and scheduling agreements.

If you defined a free goods for variants in a generic article (only SAP Retail), you can only process the variants in the purchase order and goods receipt individually (as single articles). In other words, you cannot process them using the generic article matrix.

Pls let me know what you are trying to achieve by posting the same qn again and again without testing the answers suggested already

Pls close the thread and this is the answer