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Framework Orders for Goods

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Hi !

Framework orders continue to confuse me.


I think I understand how Framework Order work with Item Categories B and D.

However, I cannot think of a scenario when a FO can be used for materials (item category = space, with or without account assignment i.e. inventorized or expensed).

If someone can give some examples, that would be great.


Item Categories B and D can be used with a regular NB PO. So, it appears that the only thing a FO provides, that a regular NB PO does not provide, is a validity date range. Everything else that a FO can do, a NB can do too. Am I missing something?


Is there something different in SAP called the 'Blanket Order', or is a 'Blanket Order' simply another word for a Framework Order?

Thanks for all your help!



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1. Frame work Order FO needs account assignment so it cannot be used for inventorized material.

Yes it can be used for consumables wherein u think that releasing a PO every time might be costly compared to utility of the product for e.g for office stationary loe pens,staplers etc - no need to issue PO every month , u can issue a FO for one complete year.

2. An FO provides a validity period as well as no GR is possible. U directly enter invoices . System checks that invoice date and value should fall within the allowed space

3. FO and blanket purchase order are same

another advantage is that u can use accnt assnmnt cat U during making of an FO and can enter multiple accnt assnnts at invoicing

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