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Fr cond not pulled in PO

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I have created a cond record (MEK1) with acc seq Pur Gp for a Freight Condition.

Now when I am creating PO this Fr cond is not getting called.

Even in the "Analysis" tab in PO, this cond is not visible.

Its not a statistical cond.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Dinesh,

Usually as per SAP standard Access sequence will not be assigned to the Freight condtion. It should be blank no need to pick the freight from the condition records.

Instead of creating the Condition record in MEK1 , create the Purchase Info record in ME11 because if you want to create the condition record you need the access sequence for Condition type.

But in Info record no need of the Access sequence you can assign the Freight condition type directly there then the same will be pick up in PO.

Check this you will get the result.



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Please check if you have checked the manual condition check box in the corresponding pricing procedure.....If so, please uncheck it. Then only the access sequence will be able to access the condition record.

By the way have created a new access sequence for this condition type and attached it ot the condition type?

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To determine the conditoin automatically in the PO, the following steps needs to be defined

1) create access sequence

2) create condition type

3) add the access sequence to the condition type and then click on the record for acess.

4) make sure condition is not marked for manual entry

5) add the condition in pricing procedure

6) consition should not be stastistical

7) maintain the conditon record MEk1

Make sure all the above steps are done