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FQM_FLOW - Table not updated automatically

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Estou implementando o módulo CM em S / 4 HANA 1809. Quando um documento financeiro é gerado (Exemplo: FB60), ele não está sendo gravado automaticamente na tabela FQM_FLOW. Talvez alguma configuração esteja faltando, mas eu verifiquei e não consegui encontrar o erro.

Alguém poderia me ajudar?



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Problema resolvido.

Precisei aplicar um procedimento de uma nota SAP.


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Hi, Himoinsa.

The problem occurs because the job background that will run on each event does not yet exist in the environment. To create the job, apply the procedures described in SAP NOTE 2560395 - Flow Builder: Setup Background Job listen to Event

Hope this helps.


Silvio Bargüena

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The problem that occurs with the number range may be occurring due to the use of buffers for number determination. This you can analyze through transactions SM56, SNRO and SNUM using the FD_IDENT object. For more details, see NOTE 504875 - Buffering number ranges.

I did not do a detailed analysis of the problem but I hope this helps you.


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Hi Silvio,

I'm also in 1809, and my FQM_FLOW is not getting automatically updated...

I have regenerated the loading class as per note 2369432, to a new "ZCL_FCLM_BSEGFLOW_SAMPLE", but this hasn't had any effect in my system.

I post invoices in FI and FQM_FLOW doesn't get updated unless I manually execute transaction "FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER".

Can you tell me how did you fix it?

We are working with the SAP default flow types. Is it even necessary to do this IMG steps????

- Assign Planning Levels to Flow Types

- Assign Flow Types to Planning Levels

I don't think so right?

Thanks in advance,

Denis Gonzalez

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Hi everyone,

I solved this issue following the next steps:

- Check and take into account notes 2530138 2369432.

- Technical job wasn't being launched by the system for some reason (maybe caused by an upgrade). So I created a job myself with the following:

Start condition --> After event "SAP_FCLM_FLOWBUILDER_TRIGGER", without any parameter, marked as a periodic job.

Steps --> One only step with report "FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER" with the standard delta variant.

Best regards,