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Formula Calculation QM

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This is my first time here. I hope you can help me with this please.

For a specific material, plant, group counter and operation, I have several inspection characteristics and two of them are "SPREAD". The requirement is the following:
Inspect 3 characteristics with single results above spread, analyst maximum and minimum values and do a subtraction.

0010 = 100

0020 = 120

0030 = 80

0040 = SPREAD

Maximum = 120, Minimum = 80 -> Then calculate = 120 - 80 = 40

The main problem is that these 3 characteristics before each spread are not always at the same place/position but they are always above the "spread". Besides, the maximum and minimum could be at first, second or third position (this numbers are written manually for users in the process).

I was looking for formula parameters and I guess I maybe could use "C9", "CA" or "D0"...


March 14 Moderator note: Formula edited to correct it, at user's request.

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Actually I kind of miss read the requirement. i thought your people were actually recording the MAX, MIN and maybe an Average. But after reading Sara's response, it appears you could be recording three different values.

Another option is to use a custom Z0 formula parameter. The formula would simply be Z07010 for instance. 7010 is the first characteristic. Z0 is the custom formula parameter that calls a FM. The FM then examines the inspection lot and uses some logic, (mic number, characteristic position, etc.. ) to identify the MICS to consider. The FM than examines the values and returns the spread.


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Thank you so much, Craig!
We're going to do it like you and Stylianos recommend it.

Then, we'll post if it works and what we do.

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Can you say me where is made the new formula? Where I register new formula whith the function module?