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Formatted Search in Row

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i have a UDF in the PDN1. so i want that, when i change the value of this field i want to change the warehouse of this row, according to the value of the udf.

how can i access one field of the same row?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am doing a similar thing but it involves 2 user-defined fields on a sales order row.

First I created the query that will be used as the formatted search as

"SELECT $[rdr1.U_XXDENDUS]" Note there is no "FROM" clause. This will return the value in the UDF field on the matrix row being maintained by the user.

Then I assign this formatted search to my other UDF (for you it will be the warehouse) by presssing Alt-Shift-F2. Click search by saved query, then give it the name of the FS, or double click on the line for it to select from the list.

Then click auto-refresh and also chose "when exiting altered column" from the first combobox and then select your UDF from the second combo box. This CB will display a list of the field descriptions, so don't be looking for "U_". I also check the "Refresh Regularly" radio button.

Whenever the user enters a value in my first UDF (xxdendus) and tabs out of it, my second UDF (the one with the FS assigned to it) is automatically updated.

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