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Form Settings SBO 9.0

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We can't seem to find documentation on this revision.  It appears that Form Settings are no longer managed by user.  We changed the form settings for one user and those changes rolled-out to another.  Can anyone confirm if this was a planned change or if it is a bug?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As per the document" What's New in SAP Business One 9.0" , there is no changes in form settings behavior.

Better check with SAP support.

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You can try the solution from one of these threads:



Beside the both solutions, you can use this following SAP note:

  715714  - Document Settings are saved when exiting SAP Business One    
Version   3   Validity: 06.02.2005 - active
Language   English 

Content:      Summary    |    Header Data    |    References    |    Validity 



Document Settings are saved per user only when closing SAP Busienss One
properly (for example, upper menu File => Exit).
In case SAP Business One closes due to any failure, such as
electricity power interruption, system error etc., the Document Settings
will not be saved.



By definition, when a user performs changes in the document settings
via the document's window e.g. the Form Settings - Delivery window),
these new settings will be saved permanently in the CPRF table ONLY when
the user closes SAP Business One properly e.g. upper menu File => Exit.
In case SAP Business One is not closed in a proper way e.g. Alt+Ctrl+Del
, System Crash etc., the new document settings will not be saved.



In future versions it is planned to add an option to save the new
document settings per user manually without having to close SAP Business
One in a proper way.


Other terms

Document Settings, Settings, User Settings, Shutdown



Header Data

Released on 06.02.2005 14:47:01   
Release status Released for Customer   
Component SBO-GEN-GUI-USR User Menu   
Priority   Recommendations/additional info   
Category   Consulting   




This document refers to:

  SAP Business One Notes

968358 Implementation/fix not feasible in current release
950210 What table are all Form Settings stored in?

This document is referenced by:

-- No data --




  This document is not restricted to a product or product version     

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Thank you for the reply.  Those answers don't seem to help.  This question is related to 9.0.  The form setting management seems to be different.  In the past form settings were set by the user, in a case today User 1 changed its settings and those settings triggered the same change for User 2.  Both users were logged in with unique user codes.  In the past User 1 changes would not have affected User 2 unless it were "copied" in the user set-up window.

Was this an intentional change?

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Dont find anly help or notes regarding this.. seems like a change in the SAP 9

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Clarification.  The user can change the form settings but it isn't managed individually by user.