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Form Settings on client not being retained

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I have a client machine on SAP 2007A who has recently made changes to their form settings but find it is not retaining these changes.

To date I have ensured the following:

1) The user uses File > Exit within SAP

2) The user doesn't have multiple sessions of SAP running on the same machine or other machine.

3) The user isn't accessing different machines, only one.

Would anyone have any further suggestions?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This was caused by the screen settings within windows. Re-setting this has resolved my issue.

Thanks for the replies.

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Please close your thread by marking the correct answer.

Answers (7)

Answers (7)

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Hi Orla,

could you please tell what you mean by "screen settings within windows" ?


Gilles Plante

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The settings as per below;

First try this...

Go to Control Panel -> System.

Choose the Advanced tab.

Under Performace choose Settings

Select Adjust for Best Perfomance

Hit Apply and OK.

Restart the computer

If still an issue…

  1. 1.) open the Performance Option (according your OS)
  2. 2.) check the 'Custom' option
  3. 3.) untick all checkboxes except of following:

- Smooth edges of screen fonts

  1. 4.) restart the computer

How to open the Performance Option?

- MS Windows XP (Go with right click on My Computer icon -> Properties

-> Advanced tab -> Performance -> Settings)

- MS Windows 2003 (Go with right click on My Computer icon -> Properties

-> Advanced tab -> Performance -> Settings)

- MS Windows Vista (Go with right click on My Computer icon -> Advanced

system settings -> Performance -> Settings)

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Thanks Orla,

I am amazed that display settings in Windows impacts the Form Settings in SBO. But that shouldn't be the first surprise I guess . Did you find any explanation as to why these settings are related ?

Gilles Plante

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Hi Orla,

Does this user have enough user right on Windows OS? Try the same user under admin account from the same PC to log in B1 to verify.



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Hi Orla,

You may also want to check that the user does not close the obstinate form itself using the X.

Test closing the form with either the Ok or Cancel button.

Additionally when the user has the same form open multiple times, the specific form where the changes were made, needs to be closed last. When making changes to a form there should preferably only be a single instance of it open.



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Hi Oria,

Have you made yourself sure t hat when you set the form settings per user, none of the users were logged in and only the supersuer set the form settings per user one by one.

Because, it was observed that if you set the things for a particular user throughg managerial password while the user is logged in through another session, then the changes won't come into effect.

Thanking you


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Hi Hanlon,

You can try the solution from one of these threads:



Beside the both solutions, you can use this following SAP note:

  715714  - Document Settings are saved when exiting SAP Business One    
Version   3   Validity: 06.02.2005 - active
Language   English 

Content:      Summary    |    Header Data    |    References    |    Validity 



Document Settings are saved per user only when closing SAP Busienss One
properly (for example, upper menu File => Exit).
In case SAP Business One closes due to any failure, such as
electricity power interruption, system error etc., the Document Settings
will not be saved.



By definition, when a user performs changes in the document settings
via the document's window e.g. the Form Settings - Delivery window),
these new settings will be saved permanently in the CPRF table ONLY when
the user closes SAP Business One properly e.g. upper menu File => Exit.
In case SAP Business One is not closed in a proper way e.g. Alt+Ctrl+Del
, System Crash etc., the new document settings will not be saved.



In future versions it is planned to add an option to save the new
document settings per user manually without having to close SAP Business
One in a proper way.


Other terms

Document Settings, Settings, User Settings, Shutdown


Header Data

Released on 06.02.2005 14:47:01   
Release status Released for Customer   
Component SBO-GEN-GUI-USR User Menu   
Priority   Recommendations/additional info   
Category   Consulting   


This document refers to:

  SAP Business One Notes
968358 Implementation/fix not feasible in current release
950210 What table are all Form Settings stored in?

This document is referenced by:

-- No data --



  This document is not restricted to a product or product version     



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Hi Orla,

using File -->> Exit is the general best practice recommended by SAP. but since you instructed the user to do so, have you restarted or Shutdown his/her PC, and try to see if the changes in form settings do take effect?


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if you are administrator, give him full permissions in form settings to add whatever he wants and then stop the permissions you gave before.