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Form not showing after clicking sub menu item.

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After messsing around with the sdk ui examples, i managed to join the grid example with the sub menu item sample. Compiling this mixture was ok and the form appeared in sap after clicking the menu.

The problem is that after creating the installer and installing it, the menu item appears but the form doesn't.

Am i doing something wrong?

i'm calling the form by creating a new form object

"GridSample oGrid = new GridSample();


inside "SBO_Application_MenuEvent()" of AddingMenuItems.cs

The samples i'm using are the "AddingMenuItems" (example 05) and "Grid" (example 19).

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Patricia,

It difficult to determine what's wrong with you code, but from what you wrote I guess you are setting the BubbleEvent = False and stoping other Menu events from firing. Try setting BubbleEvent = True at the end of the procedure that is handling the Menu Events.


Vítor Vieira

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Olá Patricia,

É dificil identificar concretamente qual o problema com o seu código, mas suponho que deve estar a passar o valor False à propriedade BubbleEvent. Isto faz com que o add-on deixe de receber os Menu Events e assim não consiga abrir o formulário.

Experimente colocar BubbleEvent = True no final do procedimento que está a tratar os Menu Events.


Vítor Vieira

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First of all, thank you for your answer Vitor.

I was able to solve my problem, after noticing a line of code, in one of the samples i was using, that was terminating the addon as soon as the form was close.

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