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Form loadevent for user def forms, in the formloadevent still not loaded

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This is for <b>user defined forms, not for system forms.</b>

When you receive a formload event, the beforeevent is always false. This means for me that the form is already loaded. But on that moment, the form is not loaded yet. Its when the event is done that the form will be loaded. The items are still not accessible during the form load event, despite its the after action (beforeaction=false).

Is this a mistake in the SDK? Should I log this?



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Hi Eddy,

In 2005 the et_FORM_LOAD will also for user forms come with BeforeAction = False + BeforeAction = True.

I think you will have to log a message on SAP Service Marketplace to have Development Support (who are handling requests for changes in general available (GA) versions) considering to implement thjis behavior also in 2004.

However there might be AddOns which rely on receiving this event only once... so it is also some kind of compatibility isuue...

Best regards,


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Hi Frank,

I understand that there is a new event -

but i'm still looking for an event on form_load where the items are avaiable...

what event should i use to change an item on user form while the form is being loaded?