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Foreign Trade Data

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for foreign customer what foreign trade data has to be maintained

because in material master I maintained Comm./imp. code no.,Ctry of origin, Dispatch ctry,

Region of origi, Export procedur ,BusTransactType

as well same data I maintained in invoice under foreign trade data view

but still I am getting messsage that " Foreign trade is missing"

what other data I need to maintain?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Rahul,

As mentioned by Mr. Laxmipathi:

T. Code: VF02

Key-in the billing document and execute (F8).

From top menu bar, click on

Goto -- Header -- Foreign Trade/Customs

There, click on "Incompleteness analysis" which will refer the areas where you need to fill in the required datas.

Best Regards,


Note: Maintain Following:

1. Mode of transport for foreign trade

2. Customs office: Office of exit for foreign trade

3. Business transaction type for foreign trade

4. Export/Import procedure for foreign trade

5. Commodity code/Import code number for foreign trade

6. Country of origin of the material

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Rahul

Go to VF02, input the billing document and execute. From top menu bar, click on "Goto -- Header -- Foreign Trade/Customs". There again click on "Incompleteness analysis" which will be below to "Head.text" tab so that it will take you to the areas where you need to fill in the required datas.

Once you gave all the data and save, you can check the log as "Document complete".


G. Lakshmipathi