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Forecast consumption by Dependent Demand

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Hi experts,

Here is the Scenario for that I wanted to design the solution,

1. There is a common component (SFG-1) used for producing 2 Finished goods (FG1 and FG2).

2. Forecast is created at the component level SFG-1 and produced.

3. FG1 is MTS item and planned based on Forecast.

4. FG2 is MTO item and planned only for sales orders.

Now both FG1 and FG2 will create dependent demands for SFG1.

The requirement is only the dependent demand for the MTO material FG2 should consume the forecast at the component level. But the dependent demand for the MTS material FG1 should not consume the forecast at the component level.

But as of my understanding, SAP will consider both MTS and MTO dependent demands as one and both will consume the forecast.

In the other way, we can restrict the consumption of the forecast by MTO material dep demand by Individual/collective indicator, but we can not restrict the MTS.

Any ideas on this will really be appreciated.


Manimaran M.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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First, let me say that I do not have a recommendation for a standard solution to your problem.  I don't believe that standard SAP offers a solution for forecasting at SFG, but only MTO dependent requirements consume the forecast.

I don't know the business requirements that have made you seek out such an.....odd....solution.  For the sake of offering you a possible solution, I will assume that your business requirements are:

1.  You need to have a forecast that can be consumed only by your MTO FGs requirements. 

2.  This composite demand (Forecast consumed by MTO Sales orders) should drive manufacturing for your Semi-Finished Goods.

The standard SAP solution for these business requirements is not to forecast at the SFGs level, but to forecast either the MTO FGs material (strategy 50), or Forecast at the FGs level using a Planning Material, which is assigned only to the MTO FGs materials you wish to forecast in this way (Strategy 60).  The main difference between these two strategies is that with Strat 50, you forecast each individual FGs material.  With Strategy 60, you forecast the Planning material, which represents a number of FGs materials.  In your case, you would structure your planning materials such that you have a 1 to 1 relationship between the FGs Planning Material, and the SFGs material you currently wish to forecast.


Best Regards,


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Hi DB49,

Thanks for your suggestions.

The one solution I found for this requirement is to separate the MTO and MTS requirements in two different storage location MRP areas. There by I think I can control the consumption.


In the BOM of the MTO FG, for the component I will have the issue storage location 0001

In the BOM of the MTS FG, for the same component I will have the issue storage location as 0002

I will create or load Forecast for the components at the storage location -MRP area 0001 with planning strategy 70.

So, the dependent demand for the MTO FG is routed to 0001 and it will consume the forecast, while the MTS dependent demand is routed to 0002 and planned separately.

Any comments are welcome on this solution.

Thanks and regards,

Manimaran M.

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