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Force Closure of Production/Process Orders

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Hi Gurus,

We want to close our old Production/process orders. We are facing many

costing related errors, which cannot be sorted out, as our FICO

configurations has changed many times in past 10 years.

We intend to close these old orders irrespective of the costing error

message encountered.

We want to force the closure of Orders. any ideas???

We are encountering following errors:

- Work center ALBA / F2-CI01 has no cost center (wc category is labor group)

- Balance of ORD 5001405 is not zero

- Inspection lot 020000154197 for order 5001304 does not have the required status

- Unprocessed future change recs for order 6003341 prevent del. flag/completion

- E-CK-048-No cost element segment exists for 960 on 08.12.2005 ;

- There is still WIP for ORD 5003701

- ORD 5003701 : WiP in Financial Accounting is still to be cleared/settled

- System status CRTD is active (ACT 5014505 0070)

- There are still unsettled variances for ORD 7000001.

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Answers (2)

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Hi dear,

Go to CO12

Enter order no and operatioin also tick Final confirmation and Clear Open reservation.

Select that perticular line item and click on save option.

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I´m facing the same issue.. how did you solve it??

thks in advance

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First, not all errors are related to FICO...

Second, yes, you have to deal with them if you want to have a "clean" closure.

Nevertheless, in case these orders are dated in the past, in years that are already closed, you could do some "quick & dirty" actions to get rid of the errors.

You have a variety of problems, so I suggest that you employ/consult with a PP expert locally.