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Hi guys,

for STO Excise Invoice is Mandate? it is urgent.

thanks in advance,


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Answers (3)

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If u r clearing the goods which attract the excise duty then it is comulsory to create the excise invoice. Becose by law any exciseiable material u remove from yr premises must be with duty payment or with forgone duty ( if cleared agaisnt CT2 or for export ) but excise invoice is must.

Hope this will help you.


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Hi Sathya,

For a stock transfer process Excise invoice is mandatory. As per statutory norms, whenever goods moves out of a manufacturing premises, the excise duty needs to paid to Govt. and the same needs to be captured in the system (SAP).

For example: Let us assume that stock is transferred from Plant 1000 (Manufacturing plant) to Plant 2000(Depot). In this case the transactions would be

1) Create stk transport PO (ME21N)

2) Create outbound del with respect to stk transport PO (VL10B)

3) Picking and PGI for delivery.(VL02N)

4) Creation of stk transfer inv with respect to delivery (VF01).

5) Creation of excise invoice with respect to stk transfer invoice (J1IIN)

Hope this helps.



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In India, from a manufacturing plant, if any material comes in or goes out, you need to create an excise invoice to record the duty payable by the manufacturer.

The outgoing excise invoice lists the goods that you have issued and states how much excise duty applies. Your customer uses the excise invoice to claim back the excise that it has paid from the excise authorities.

If your vendor delivers some excisable goods, they will deliver along with a document which is incoming excise invoice for you. It lists the goods and states how much excise duty applies on them.

In SAP, we need to configure all these depending upon the scenarios.

So, its mandate.