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Font size and user form

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I'd like to know if somebody find a solution for the font size issue on user form.

since BO 2005, the user can change the font size. the application will format all the controls of form with the good size.

However, the layout does not follow very well for user form.

If the font size is changed while a user form is open, the aplication will reformat it perfectly, the controls are bigger, and the distance between the controls are ok

But when the user form is open again, it keeps the distance and control size of the XML file but change the font size, so the layout is very bad, sometime the static text or the caption could not be read, so it's not possible to use the form as is.

I use XML to create form, I haven't try by code, but in my case, I can't use code because there are a lot of controls in the form.

Any idea if it's possible to call the Business One procedure to resize the form and its control (not only the font) ?

Thanks you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Is 'font_size' attribute of element is not working?

Ravi Shankar

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Hello Ravi

Actually, the problem is not about the font size, but about the size of the form and the controls.

The font size is changed, but not the control size, so it's not possible to read the caption ont the button or the label, because they are too smal.


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Try resetting the FontSize of all items (and columns) to the one you used for the design after loading the form.

I use a simple loop over all items and an inner loop for matrixes and grids to set the font size in their columns.

Now users can have a larger font, but the added forms will use the original design's font size.

This approach has some drawbacks:

- Added forms use a different font size

- Some of the controls will still get their size based on the system default font size

(checkboxes, drill-down arrays, headercolumns, perhaps more?).

- Focused item is not resized by this (so far I have been able to work around this).

- Changing the font size while the form is open, will break the design as the

font size does not change, but the control sizes do.

This is not an ideal solution, but it might give some help, until a better one presents itself.

If the users don't use a dramatically different font size, my form design work quite ok,

even with the drawbacks or at least it is better than nothing. It is a good idea to test

the form with different font sizes to make it more flexible.


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