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Follow up or Replacement Article

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Dear Folks,

Can anyone advice me what is the purpose of setting up a follow up or replacement article in SAP retail? I had set up a relationship between two article as follow up articles but when I create a PO for the original article, it doesn't get replaced by the follow up article.

Please advice.

Thank you.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Junwen,

I do not know this issue in retail but in manufacturing environment I've worked with this.

I guess you mean the follow-up setting that is possible both in material master (MRP 4) and in BOM. This subject is called 'Discontinuation' in SAP.

If you want to replace your material with a new one you can use this setting to make SAP understand that during planning it shouldn't create procurement proposal for the old material. So, you can set SAP that from the time the requirement will consume the stock of your old material SAP will apply the independent / depenedent requirement for the new material.

So, SAP considers the PIR / DepReq for the old material until the point the current stock of it covers them (the requirements); from that point SAP applies the requirements for the new one.


old material stock: 50 pcs

requirements: 120 pcs

SAP assigns 50 pcs of the old material to 50 pcs requirement. 70 pcs of requirement will be applied to the follow-up material.

So, even though no PIR exists for the new material, the new material isn't in the BOM, SAP calculates with it!

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