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FM / tables in s4 hana migration


hi expert,

I have a question about FM / tables that change during the phase of migration on SAP s4/hana. I know that some tables will not be valorized anymore, but they will still exist. so custom tables that refer to them will still work properly. I also know that some FM will not be available and don't have any analog FM to replace them. the thing that is not clear is what happens to the FM that, as reported from the extraction SYCM transaction, will not be available and have the equivalent FM ?? how to find the equivalent FM ?? in some OSS notes they report them ( as the case of bapi_po_create ), but for the major part of them there is no reference to the equivalent FM.

For example, the FM MD_STOCK_REQUIREMENTS_LIST_API is set as " Functionality not available: functional equivalent available ", but the note 2227579 doesn't say the equivalent FM . is there any method to find the analog FM?

Thank you. 😄

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Not much info I have regarding your query but the word "Analog" caught my attention.

What do you mean by Analog FM ?


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just a similar FM

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In the simplification list, quite a few of these are mentioned. Your specific example is not though.

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Hi chiekh,

As far as I see, this Note is saying the old "Storage Location MRP" is outdated and MRP areas should be used instead.

Note 2227579 - SAP S/4HANA Simplification Item: Logistics_PP-MRP - Storage Location MRP

If you follow the instruction of the Note, you may be able to continue to use the Function Module, I think.