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Dear Support,

customer would like to configure workflow for supplier invoices without PO. We are evaluating costs and benefits for the 2 options: parked invoices solution or workflow for blocked invoices. Thus we have some questions to be addressed:

1) Is the app Create Incoming Invoices (ex Fb60) able to be used in Workflow configuration? Create Supplier Invoice app would in any case create a temporary number for document even if no PO reference is entered, and this is not accepted by the customer. Is it possible to use Workflow for Blocked invoices starting from Create Incoming invoice app? 

2) We have read it is possible to notify externally via mail (not via My Inbox app) the request of invoice approval to approvers. Are there any constraints in S4HC to set this kind of custom output type? 

Thanks a lot

Kind Regards

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello ‎@Techedge,

Request you to choose the workflow scenario as per your requirement, refer to the below app documentation and blogs below that;

If you have a requirement to block invoices automatically, you can consider placing a block at the payment terms level. If you set a payment block on one or more of the payment terms the invoice will be blocked despite regardless of the values or tolerance settings etc, check SSCUI 100073.

--> Currently the app 'Create incoming invoices' is not integrated to the workflow. Use the FIORI app Create Supplier Invoice which is integrated with workflows for invoice creation process. Hence the requested feature is missing functionality, kindly raise new feature request for the same via

--> For workflow notification, refer to the below standard documentation of scope item J45 where email notification set up is outlined for Purchasing but is the same is valid for IV as well. Additionally refer below help documentation as well;

Additionally refer to the below thread which is also for similar queries you reported;

Best Regards,


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