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Fleet management

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hi masters

in one thread i read this information

In IFUC,we are entering the Measurement document reading for consumption suppose Diesel:5 lit,and Save.Then Documents were saved.When we savethe document, in the back round,Mesurement document Created and For the particular material Fuel quantity is posted,"material document created". And the cost is posted to cost center in the equipment.

i am working on fleet management and till counter reading i reached but i am not understanding how this material documents are created and from which transaction i can see this material document and i think for this we have to create the Material diesel also.

kindly explain in breaif step by step how i create a standing order and how this material document help me for the cost calculation against the fuel consumption.

thanx in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes you have to create the Diesel as material number also. In configuration assign the Diesel with material number in "Assign Auxiliary Materials and Consumables "

While doing IFCU as u enter material number and quantity a material document is generated with movement type 261. you can see the document in MB51 and also in standing order document flow.

So if you want to book the cost on standing order or cost center again you have to do some config setting at . "Define Key and Cost Object for Updating Material Documents"

And assign the same in Equipment Master Data Vehicle Technology Tab.

If you want to capture the cost on Standing order creates order (normal order )for fuel consumption recording and assign in it equipment master data as standing order.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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thanx a lot my problem is solved

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Hi Pankaj

Do the necessary settings for fleet management in SPRO as follows

Define consumable types i.e PETROL/DIESEL/OIL etc

SPRO-->PM & CS-->technical object-->setting for fleet mgmt.--> consumption relevant counter reading update

create gas station- here mention the plant & storage location

Assign auxilary materials and consumables- here assign material code to fluid type & gas station

Define key & cost object for updating material document-

set - GI to order code -03, goods issue 261, GI/reversal 262,  standing order- check box

for further follow this link