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Fleet management

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Hi Masters

is this posible without creating a material we can calculate the cost of the fuel consumed

1.requirement is without creating the material in the system they want to truck the cost of the consumed fuel, is there any way kindly tell me

2.  i created one order and release the order and then assigned the order to the equipment after that in IFCU the material documents are generated against the flueld type and we can see this in MB52, kindly tell me the next step or process flow to calculate cost consumption of the fluel up to end of the process

3.kindly tell me how can i give reward to the posts in new sdn it complex to find.

thanx in advance

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In IFCU, what is the cost collector? Why order has been created?

Please provide the complete information.

While doing IFCU, cost can be settled to following collectors.

  1. Cost Center
  2. WBS
  3. Asset
  4. Standing Order
  5. Settlement Order

What is the option you selected in IMG configuration for Fleet management? If its Order, then what is the order you assigned in equipment master?

Read the documentation completely in SAP help. Understand the pros & cons of different collectors. Based on your business requirement, configure the process. Then check where you could see the cost.

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hi maheswaran KD

if in configuration i confugure cost center or asset, could you give me the deital process flow how can cost is calculated if i am confugure cost center or asset for the cost calculation

for example= in standing order we create iw31 with material diesel and i assigned to ie02 then material document is generated through IFCU and cost is capture in order and when we settle the order cost is calculated

kindly give me brief overview if i am selecting the cost center or asset in configuration. (in this project we are creating all fleet equipment as a asset and intigration with the asset accounting)

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Cost center or Asset:

Assign the required cost center or asset in equipment (fleet) master data. When you posting IFCU transaction, cost will be posted to cost center or asset directly.

You can check in Cost center wise report for cost center.

In this case, no need to create any order. Cost will be booked directly to Cost center.