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Fixed vendor, Pgroup and Porg not defaulted in Preq generated from MRP

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hello all.

after checking all the forums and all the given solutions, I still have this problem.

MRP generates a Preq for a material but data, namely Pgr, Porg, Fixed vendor, is not defaulted.

prerequisites fulfilled:

1) PIR is created with vendor, material, Porg

2) material has sourcing obligatory

3) source list is created with Porg and with valid dates: vendor is marked as fixed and MRP is marked as 1

4) material and PIR contain Pgr

5) "source determination" box is checked in default values of Preq

6) if I click on button "Assign source of supply" in Preq, the vendor with its info record appears but Pgr is still being requested.(and I would like the data to appear automatically, not manually)

7) other materials of same type work fine and Preq generated defaults the values.

is there any other setting I maybe have overseen? any idea?

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Answers (4)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Alisa

The field "fixed vendor" is not considered by MRP. If you have several sources of supply and you always want to have one of them selected by MRP, make sure that the field MRP is only marked as 1 for this source of supply. Otherwise, you can create a quota arrangement sending 100$ of the quota to this vendor.

The following document may be helpful to you:



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the quota is not a stopper Chandrashekar and you do not need to maintain quota for the sourcing to work.

Caetano: I am aware that multiple sources are an issue and only 1 must be MRP relevant and in our case the source is unique: there is only one vendor for this material, set to fixed and MRP 1.

in fact something very strange happened; I debugged the MRP generation of the sourcing and at the end, the MRP generated a Preq with Porg and also the vendor!!

it is not the first time such a thing happens to me: data is pulled in suring debugging but not with regular transaction....

in any case it seems to work now.

thank you for the link, good job!

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can it be that you have exits or enhancements to the standard? I just saw yesterday a discussion with the ABAP Development tag that execution under debugging conditions is actually working slightly different to normal execution.

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Have you maintain Quota for the material and vendor combination? Please maintain that.

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Pgr now appears: someone had changed material master and deleted Pgr.

But vendor does not appear....