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Fixed Assets - Manual Adjustment.

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I want to post a Manual adjustment for a fixed assets. The fixed asset was acquired on 2006, i want to post the manual adjustment on december 2006, using transaction AB01 and movement 711. The systems give an error message, AA440. Somehow, if post this document on January 2007, the system doesn't show any error message.

I would appreciate some help or tips.

Thanks in advanced.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Aridane

T.Type 771 is meant to post write-ups.

Write-ups are used for correction of depreciation values calculated in the past (closed fiscal years). It is not possible to post write-ups to assets that have been acquired within the current year.

To correct the dep. amount in 2006 you may use unplanned depreciation posting (txn ABAA) .



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