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Fixed asset - change/increase useful lifes

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Our auditors have determined that the Userful lifes our industry has been using for Book Asset depreciation are too short. The accounting director wants to change all the useful lifes based on asset class for those assets not yet fully depreciated.

Question - if we change the configuration of the Asset Class default useful life it does not appear that is changes the assets already on the books? Can you please confirm this is true.

If that is so - is there any way other than transaction AS02 Asset by Asset to change the useful lifes on current assets?

I have not yet determined how many assets we are talking about. However I would estimate it to the in the thousands.

Any direction would be appreciated.


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For doing mass change to the usefull life of asset

Get into T.code-AR01

Input all the required entries the list of asset will be displayed

select create work list (ctrl+shift F8)

Input the work flow name and Change asset w/o dialog (bulk change).

It will prompt with a screen asking for Substituion rule select the create button and write the Substituion rule and save it.

Come back and get into T-Code AR31.

Input the work list name that is already created and report date , Depreciation area 01 and press F8.

Select the release WL button (Shift F10) .

Click on the refresh button ctrl+F4 on the same screen.

The status of the Work list will be changed to Completed from reserved.

This will resolve your issue I belive.

Good Luck


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Thanks - sounds like it will be good -

But now can you help me further with how to write the Substitution Rule? I have never done one and I am not clear on how to do it.

I get to the screen that asks for Company Code and Substitution - but then I don't know what to put in the substitution.

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I have checked method suggested by Hari. It works.

Following steps may help to create Substitution

1. SPRO>Financial Accounting>Asset Accounting>Master Data>Define Substitution-->Select option 'Define substitution for mass changes'

2. Click on 'Substitution' (CtrlShiftF12)

3. Click on 'Substitution' (CtrlShiftF4) to create new substitution

4. Enter a name for the substitution (USELIFE, for example)

5. Click on 'Step' (CtrlShiftF5)

6. A list of Asset master data fields will be displayed. Select field ANLB-NDJAR

7. System will ask 'Constant value' or Exit or Field-Field assignment (Select Constant value)

8. Define Pre-requisite (ie condition for change the useful life) For example, If you want to change the usefful life of the assets created under an Asset Class, Double click on 'Asset Master Record Segment' and select 'Asset Class' and click on '=' and then click on 'Constant'. Now you can enter the Asset Class number. You can use other logical options like 'AND' 'OR' etc

9. Define Substitution (ie. Value to be substituted if the Pre-requisite is satisfied). Select Substitutions under the Prerequisite. Here you can enter a constant value (for example 010 for 10 years).

10. Save the Substitution

11. Click of 'Go back' button several times till you see the list of substitutions.

12. Click on 'New Entries' and attach the substitution rule to your Company Code

Now you can use this Substitution for your mass change as explained earlier.