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Fiscal Year Change - New Implementation

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We are implementing Asset Accounting as on 01.01.2008. I have transferred all the settings in Production.

In customising I have given the transfer date as 31.12.2007. Everything is fine.

Except the fiscal year is showing as 2007. Why?? If I don't change it, I can't upload the legacy data.

I have tried to change the fiscal year via AJRW, but its not getting changed. I assume the reason is as there are no assets in production yet.

Please help how shall I change the fiscal year to 2008..

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Answers (3)

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I have created new test asset and did the fiscal year change. Its done.

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This is an old issues solved by an old note. 26073. You'll have to manually adjust T093D.


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OK, I have not got a system in front of me so I cant provide the detail but there are three things to look at.

1. There is a value of the previous fiscal year, make sure that is 2007

2. When you change the Fiscal Year you need to do this in 2 places

3. You may need to check the values the system has for a dep run, i.e. is it expecting you to run one in 2007 before opening 2008.

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Dear Mark,

Where do you define this previous fiscal year??

No, we are not expected to run depreciation in 2007. The first depreciation run will happen in Jan-08

Additional information, when I am trying to close period via AJAB, the error says "The fiscal year 2007 is already closed for company code 1417. It is not necessary to perform a year-end closing". Surprisingly, it still showing 2007 as a current year.

Please help

Edited by: AMIT HINGER on Jan 4, 2008 2:21 PM

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You set this in the following menu:

Financial accounting- AA-Asset data transfer-parameter for data transfer-date specification-specify transfer date/last closed fiscal year.

Pl check your settings in OAYC also.

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Dear Sivakumar,

The problem is not with depreciation. Its fine.

The problem is the fiscal year. I cannot change it to 2008.



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Hi Amit

The system behaves like this. It checks for the last depreciation posting and if the depreciation posting for any period is open then the system will not perform fiscal year change. In order to take care of this you need to maintain this also. In any case this will not have any impact elsewhere and you can rule out this possibility also by maintaining this settings.

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Please look at the t code OAAQ.

Check the values for your Company Code.

It should be set to 2007.

Also in Config, check all of the Production Startup configs including the overview for experts.

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