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Fiori Free Style with Smart Analytical table Qyantity, Date Formatted _F _T fields issue, CDS Query.


I have a CDS query analytical view that has Qty and Amount and Date fields and ODATA published with @Odata.publish:true

I am building a Free Style Fiori App and using a Smart Analytical Table with Smart Filter Bar and the report run fine.

The issue is there is additional fields generated in the Odata metadata for (Qty , Amount, Date) fields that ends with _F and _T (Qty_F, Amount_F, Date_T) and used as (sap.text="Qty_F", sap.text="Amount_F", sap.text="Date_T") and causing the smart table to render it two times duplicated like this screen shot:

I tried using the following annotation in the Query analytical CDS to avoid this duplicated formatted fields from happening but it didn't work?

@sematics.text: false

Why the Qty and Amount and Date (YYYYMMDD) fields get additional text formatted fields generated from @Odata.publish ?

why the (sap.text=) is added to the generated metadata of the Odata and using these generated formatted fields (Qty_F, Amount_F, Date_T) as if they are texts description fields for the (Qty, Amount, Date) itself ?

how to stop that ? because in a standard CDS the amount or qty is showed correctly from the smart table smart field without additional generated _F or _T text field.

Looking Forward,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Opened SAP ticket and got the solution CDS UI annotation:

@UI.textArrangement: TEXT_SEPARATE

It works and no more duplicated values in the smart analytical table for dec fields, so if you want to SUM any different UOM or Different currency then Cast as Dec and use the above annotation.

I hope this help if you face like this issue 🙂

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