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Finding the MRP Controller mail recipient from SAP Table for ABAPer

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Dear Expert,

I found no clue on how to implement the following function, it would be grateful if i can find any help in here:

in PP, if work order is technical completed, SAP will send mail to recipients to notify them to click TECO.

Which table i should refer to for the mail recepient? MRP Controller? Please clarify me if i am wrong.

If Yes, what key field and table i could refer to?

Br - Chris

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It depends on who you want to receive the mail.  MRP controller is probably a good choice but I don't know your situation.

Table NACH contains all of the output condition records.  The MRP controller tables (B033 and B065) reference this as a foreign key field.

I haven't worked much with output conditions but there is a lot you can do with standard config.  Best of luck.