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Finance invoice Accounting - G/L and reconcillation accounts

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Hi Experts,

I have a functional question related to the determination of accounting of FI & MM Invoices. I have reading the forum but I still have a conceptual understanding problem.

On FI side , When you entered an invoice i.e FB60 you should enter the GL account, additionally through the customer master data SAP obtains the reconciliation account. In this scenario you are recording the expense in the reconciliation account and in the specific GL account. why this happened twice? is not enough with the reconciliation account? or the GL account is for Cost control?

on the MM side, is the GL account obtained from the PO or can be changed when the invoice is entered through MIGO? here again if the GL is needed is for cost control purposes?



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Your question refers more to basic principals of accountancy, rather than to how SAP handles them. I suggest you to check first with your colleagues from accounting team in order to have a better grasp of the theory. Then, you can see the relationship to the posting schemes in SAP

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During FB60, the typical posting would be -

Debit - Expense

Credit - Vendor

Expense GL is what you normally enter in the FB60 screen. The vendor GL is determined from the corresponding master records' reconciliation account. It is never double accounted.

When it is PO based - it all depends on the nature of PO. For instance, if it GR-based IV, then GL determination is auto determined.