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Filtered Data Archiving

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I need some light on the archiving capability in SAP. I want to archive all business data of only a few plants (WERKS) or a certain group of materials. Is it possible to filter like this??

I tried with SARA - Archive Routing and Write program variants. I feel that, it is easy for MM_* objects to archive based on plants. But others especially FI_* has no parameter that can separate plants and that is obvious.

So my question is, Is there any way to ARCHIVE OR SEPARATE all business data belonging to a group of plants?? Other than SARA is also fine. Even in TDMS, filtering customization gives that functionality is not available. Any other possible way?

My system is ECC 6.0 with SAP_BASIS 700 SAPKB70012



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If I understand your requirement correctly, the solution would be to archive the MM* and PP* objects separately. While doing so, in the write program, mostly you have an option of filtering the business data at different organaisation levels. For eg. for MM objects you can set the filter level at Pur Org and for PP objects you can set the filter level at Plant level. If this doesnu2019t answer your query, can you elaborate more in detail.

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Thanks for replying.

I am concerned more about archiving FI data related to some plants. Like Each Invoice has corresponding FI entry. When I archive SD_VBRK , I don't think the FI data is archived. But when I archive FI_DOCUMNT, how can I distinguish which FI data is relevant to the invoices I archived?

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