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FIFO Valaution

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Dear Experts,

Requiremnt is to configure FIFO valation,

1) is it possible to activate FIFO costing in SAP retroactively?

2) The configuration of FIFO Valuation involves MRLH but i have a error "Function currently not possible" What could be the reason.

3) When using OMW4 for FIFO valuation is it important to use the LIFO tick ?

Any guidence would be really appreciated


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Answers (2)

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Dear Daniela,

Thanks for the guidence,

I Configured SAP as indicated ,

However when i try to run MRF1 there is no data in the report.

I also tried checking if data was available in MR35 but SAP showed error MY 261 "For material A no FIFO results exist in Company Code 01 for method FIF05"

However when i checked MYMP1 via trx SE16 the Table had Data. As Did the output for trx MRF3,

Is there something i missed ?

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Hello Shehan,

Question 1


FIFO can be activated/deactivated everytime, so you can activate FIFO also when you are already live.

Question 2


When you need trx. MRLH, then FIFO valuation was already activated during the setup of the system. MRLH is normally needed to change the valuation level. MRLH is a program which was delivered as template for customer own development but has no update functionalities. This is described in the SAP note #192664. When you have a look at the coding you can see that the current coding does not update table TCURM - here the valuation level is stored. If you want to use trx. MRLH you have to change the program in order that this table is also updated.

Furthermore before you execute trx. MRLH you have to make sure that there are no data in the following tables:

MYMS (LIFO index table),

MYMP (monthly receipt data),

MYMP1 (single receipt data),

MYML (annual material layers),

MYMLM (monthly material layers),

MYPL (annual pool layers),

MYPLM (monthly pool layers),

T001Y (valid LIFO valuation areas),

TPOOL (LIFO pools),

TMY05 (layer versions).

The easiest way to proceed would be, to check via transaction SE16, which of these tables are already filled with data. These records should be deleted (by the following transactions). Afterwards, it will be possible to change the FIFO valuation level with trx. MRLH and the data can be recreated with the company code instead of the valuation area in the record key or vice versa.

These are the instruments to delete the FIFO data:

1. Transaction MRF5 for tables MYMP, MYMP1,

2. Transaction MRF4 for table MYMS (Parameter "remove")

3. Transaction OMWP

4. Transaction OMWT

And these are the instruments to build up the FIFO data afterwards:

1. Transaction OMWT

2. Transaction OMW3

3. Transaction MRF4 for table MYMS (Parameter "set")

4. Transaction MRF3 (document extract) for tables MYMP and MYMP1

-> All FIFO data has to build up by trx. MRF3

Question 3


Even though the header has just the label LIFO in trx. OMW4, the settings in trx. OMW4 are relevant for LIFO and FIFO. So when you tick a movement type as relevant in trx. OMW4 it will be used for document extraction in LIFO and FIFO. Which movement types should be relevant or not, need to be decided by you BUT there are some general recommendations in the SAP note #167330.

I hope this helps to clarify the issue