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FIFO - Confg -Urgent

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Hi SAP gurus

My client is asking to configure FIFO for Balance sheet valuation.

We have activated batch management , but i dont know how to customize and the impact of FIFO on balance sheet.

Could any one pls explain me how to configure FIFO and the impact on B/s as far as it is very urgent to client is willing to take balance sheet for this month based on FIFO.

Pls help me guys immediate replies will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards


Ramkiveera at gmail

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For LIFO/FIFO valuation, you must make the following settings:

SPRO-> IMG- Materials Management-> Valuation and Account Assignment-> Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures-> Configure LIFO/FIFO Methods

1. In Customizing:

a) Set the control parameters.

b) Define the valuation levels.

c) Define LIFO/FIFO-relevant movements.

d) Define LIFO pools (ONLY with pool formation).

e) Set the automatic assignment of materials to LIFO pools (ONLY with pool formation).

2. In the material master record:

a) Define whether a material is to be valuated according to the LIFO/FIFO procedure.

b) Set the manual or automatic assignment of a material to a LIFO pool (ONLY with pool formation).

Depending on the setting for the FIFO valuation level, the FIFO valuation area is either the company code or the valuation area.

The base year is the fiscal year during which FIFO valuation is run for the first time.

Enter all FIFO valuation areas that FIFO valuation is to be performed in. Specify a suitable base year for each one.

Please go through the link for more details

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Kishore thanks for your valuable reply..

I know the configuration steps but i am unable to get in to the system

My client is asking to account for based on FIFO price not on Moving Avg price .

Pls help me out it is very urgent to me

Thanks & Regards