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Fields in Master Recipes

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Could anyone please let me know what are these fields used for in Master Recipe General data screen .

1. what is the control key used for in master recipe and resource creation process.

2. how is capacity category and control key is related in scheduling and costing.

3.where do we create control recipes or are they generated in back ground from process orders and what level are they created.

4.what is a production version and why is it used in master recipes.

5.what is standard value key and its relevance in resource creation.

I'm very new to PP-PI and please explain me in simple flow to understand the process and relevance

Thanks in advance

Raghu M

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Hi radunath

here are the answers to few of the questions

1. control key = the T-code where you maintain it is OP67,

this is a very important setting and it decides whether you want to do print shop floor papers, timetickets, perform confirmaations, carry scheduling, post GR, inspection, and whether the operation is internal or an external operation,

you can maintain it in either the resource or recipe and in general for Process industries, you use PI01, PI02, PI03 usually, you can also create your own custom control key as per your need

2. capacity category - as per my understanding, you can link the capacity category and control key by using formulas for costing and scheduling views, so when you are doing MRP run and also confirmation, you can capture the costs and also the capacity schedules in capacity planning

3, control recipes, usually they are generated when we release the process orders in the header details screen of T-Code = COR2, either automaticaclly or manually depending on the config you maintain

4. production version: they are used to link a particular master recipe to a particular BOM and it has its own valid dates and lot sizes and is a master data required for production using T-code = C223 and in fact it is the other way around, the master recipes are used in prod versions

5. standard value key : it is maintained in resource t-Code = CR01 in basic data tab and it controls what time values like setup/ inspection/ processing/ labor/ rework etc times we need to enter in a recipe for a particular operation or phase when the particular resource is used in a recipe, standard SAP allows only 6 values maximum and these time values are used in recipe to calculate teh capacity and scheduling a dn costing requirements using the formulas we maintain in resource

hope it answers your questions

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Control key:

Control key defines whether and how each operation is scheduled and capacity reqmts are generated and costed

Production version :

Production version describes the different production procedures and allows the production of a material on a production line for a specific amount of time.

Standard value key :

standard value key describes the meaning of six standard values.

standard values are planned values for the execution of operation and are maintained in operation.

ex setup time, processing time, labour time.

These standard values are linked to activity types in the costing tab page of work center.

Activity type is assigned to cost centers.

Formulas are assigned in the scheduling / capacity plannin/ costing in the respective tab page of the work centers.

From this the system calculates the duration of the operation,

capacity reqmts at a particular work centers and planned costs for the process


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