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field selection in me54n

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Hello Experts,

we are using different documents types like

Domestic PR,

Project PR,

Import PR,

Service PR,

when the PR has to be released it has to be released. the first releaser has to check the cost center and G/L account.

if they are wrong than the releaser has to change the cost center and G/L account.

my problem is the fields cost center and g/l are in editable mode in all document types except for service PR.

can any one help me out in this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to ME54N,

Here select the service line item and click on tab ,

Now you will get the account assignment data in editable mode as shown in the above screenshot.

Hope this will resolve your issue.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear Murali,

You can check what field selection key assign to the release ID.

Transaction SPRO:

MM-Purchasing -PR-Release procedure

-> Define Release strategy with Classification

-> Release indicator ID

=> Check the field selection key.(FSK)

Then check the customizing for the FSK in the customizing

=> Define screen layout for document type


ian wong Loke Foong

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In Service, PR will be generated from the Service order or work order and the Cost center and G/L accounts are copied from the Service order which are not editable



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Hi Murali,

This is the standard behaviour in case of service PR because for service PR cost object assignment is at service item level and not at PR line item level.

Can you please check cost object at service item level under services tab in PR.