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Field BSEG-MENGE not editable in FI document

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Hello all

i would like to ask you about the field MENGE in FI documetn on vendor invoice

the quantity is used on GL account line item and after the document is posted, a user would like to change this field.

I have set this in SPRO for all account types but still this field is not possible to change.

the vednor line is cleared though

is there a way we could change field MENGE after FI documetn is posted?

thansk for letting me know


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Certain fields like amounts, quantity and dates you can't change after document posting.

Not possible through OB32 even.

Reverse and repost the affected document.


Murali. N

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Hana,

yes, my friend Babu is right.

As the SAP number number 507508 described, the change of BSEG-MENGE

therefore is not possible in principle:

Field BSEG-MENGE can no longer be changed with document update

with FB02. Field BSEG-MENGE has a special rule: it must not be

changed if controlling CO is active. (because document update is

not passed on to CO; thus, a change to the quantity with active

CO will cause inconsistency).

The same for field MEINS.

To ensure data consistency and integrity, amount and quantity fields

are not allowed to be changed in transaction FB02.

You have to reverse the document and to post one new again.


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thanks to all for the answer, understand this totally now

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Check the FSG of GL account

and Go to FSG and check the status of Qty field in Additional account assignment tab