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FI report using 'Report painter'

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Hi All,

I am working on trial balance and created the BADI 'G_SET_FORMULA_EXIT' with the filter 'U001' saved and activated. I am now trying to create the variable with FORMULA '#U001' but i getting the following error:

Variable name '#U001' not possible, please check syntax

Message no. GS740

I am not sure what part i am missing. Can anyone please help me out with this? Any docs/Link are appreciated.



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Dear expert

Please go through with oss note : OSS notes 997248

As per yor request am attaching a link "Can anyone please help me out with this? Any docs/Link are appreciated"



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Hi Ajeesh,

Thank you for your quick reply. With your reply i made some progress. I am able to put a break point and debug the BADI. I want the BADI to trigger after the selection screen. But right now it is triggering even before the selection-screen shows up.

This is what i am doing.

1. In the trial balance, we have a single row to show all the accounts. I created a VAR for ACCOUNT#(GLFUNCT-RAACT) and called this VAR in the single row if the trail balance using GRR2.

2. The BADI is triggering before selection screen. I reason i gave at the ROW is i want to calculate the 'CUMMULATIVE BAL' for every account.

3. But in the debug mode i do no see anything as it is triggering before the selection.

Could anyone please let me know how should i call the BADI so it triggers for every account that is displayed the report?

Thanks in advance,