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fi mm integration

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hi sap gurus,

whener creating purchse order in me21n, system givesl a warning message "account assaignment is manandaroty for raw material"

where we done wrong. pl explain

with regards

raja sekhar.a

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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well this question belongs to mm forum anyways


go to tcode OMS2

select the material type


select the row of roh

NOW CLICKON THE FOLDER quantity /value updationon left screen

now go to position give ur plant name

press neter

mark the check box of quantity and value updationin front of u r plant save and now create the po

101% u r problem will be solved

look there is a very important funda behind ur error message try to grab that if u need i will tell u

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hi jas,

thanqu for ur answering, can u explain more clearly,

thanqus in advance

with regards

raja sekkhar.a

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if u create the po and system give message that account assignment is essential it means for this product there is no quantity and may be no value updation .

if account assignment

si used it means product is for consumption the question is how come the system knows that

answer is no quantity /value updation

if no quantity updation means u rnot going to keep the goods in stores afteru recive the delivery ur consuming the goods moment ur recive it

at the good recipt this material will be consumed and so at gr system does not ask u for the storage location

thats why u need to tell the system at the time of po creation that which account to be debit or credit at gr via the account assignment category

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