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Problem 1: For Billwise detail.


We are Rasing invoice of Rs 1000/- (F-22) againsts this Invoice we are receiving amount of Rs 600/- as a partial amount.

Again We received Rs. 300/- as againsts Invoice of Rs. 1000/- .

So Invoive Amount Rs. 1000/-

- Rs. 600/-

- Rs. 300/-


Rs. 100/-

If we subtotaling this based on Invoice reference It is showing me Rs. 100/-,

But In my report for some invoices it is showing as clear documents (green indicator in FBL5n)

But in Subtotal anmount is also shown as pending.

Please see the screen shot for your reference .

We are developing a report through ABAP, for Bill wise detail.

Can you suggest how we can go about.

You can See: DR is showing as Green even if it is not cleared with any DZ(receipt, Incoming Payment).

Problem 2

SD is not live. We are uploading Sales Data through Transaction F-22 through BDC.

And we will get single posting document for all the Customers Invoice.

For Example

Customer 1 100 ………..Dr

Customer 2 200 ………..Dr

Customer 3 300……… Dr

Sales account: 600 Cr.

Is there any effect in the documents if we post it like this …i.e. many customers in one document with the same Sales G/L account?

Can we get a different document numbers Customer Wise while posting the documents Through BDC.

And Please send us the standard transaction codes which are widely used in Indian Clients for Customer/ Vendor Ageing .Sales Register. Customer And Vendor Bill wise details for G/L .Bank Books etc.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your question I believe relates to clearing.

In SAP there are two types of clearing

1.Full clearing

2.Part clearing

a)Partial clearing

b)Residual clearing

Please carefully go through and understand this.Take help of a FI consultant.

$100 :Invoice (Open Item)

$ 80 :Paid(Open Item)

$ 20 :Balance

In Partial Clearing you can see $100 and $80 are cleared line items and $20 as balance

(it leaves the original invoice amount and creates new

line item for incoming amount)

In Residual Clearing you can only $20 as balance as it creates new line item and you can’t see the other cleared line items.

(it clears original invoice with incoming amount and create new line item for remaining outstanding amount. )



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