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FI entry for material issue

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Dear Experts,

Material code :   XXXXXX

We have received insurance claim for above material.This amount has to Credited to material account (211000) and debited  to bank account.


cheque deposit  Dr.

          To stores & spares   Cr.

material account assigned in OBYC BSX if i post the entry in fi with deselecting of post automatically g/l balance will be mismatch with material how can i over come this issue please help me on this issue. again  i will purchase the same material


this material is damaged and we received insurgence clime

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (1)

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Hi Balaji

if i had understood this. here in OBYC BSX IS used for stock a/ this scenario you have claimed an insurance on material so you need to assign a separate gl. in obyc for that particular valuation class configure AG1.Which in rev from agency bus.and if you elaborate more about this with a message no means i will be very useful to find solution..

Thanks& Regards