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FI entry for Intercompany Billing

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Hi Gurus

I would like to know what shall be the offsetting entry for the intercompany billing, when the invoice is received at the ordering company code

My transaction looks like this

Supplying Plant :

PGI : Dr. Inventory Cr COGS

Intercompany Billing : Dr. Internal Customer Cr. : Revenue

Ordering company Code

Invoice Receipt : Dr ?????, Cr. : ?????

Customer Billing : Dr. Customer, Cr. Revenue

Suitable answer shall be rewarded


Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sunil,

In intercompany scenario when intercompany invoice is received by the ordering company code then , in this company code , the supplying plant is registered as vendor.

so you need to credit this intercompany vendor account and debit intercompany sales.

where as in supplying company code ordering company code is registered as customer, hence this customer shall be debited and intercompany sales shall be credited.

Hope it is clear to you.


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